Sherone Rabinovitz, MFA


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An O.G. CryptoPunks collector since 2018, Sherone Rabinovitz started his creative journey as an Artist when he first fell in love with computer programming at 13 years old, while learning how to program in PASCAL on an Apple II+
He expanded into music at 16 when he started playing guitar, and eventually ventured into Cinema when he got a Master of Fine Art degree in Filmmaking.

Upon discovering the budding crypto-art scene in 2017 - through seminal projects such as DADA, Rare Pepe Cards, and CryptoPunks, Sherone immediately realized this was an historical, game-changing moment and immediately set-out to start documenting the space.
Among the historical interviews he conducted was the March, 2018 interview with Matt Hall & John Watkinson of LarvaLabs about their seminal project, CryptoPunks, which serves as the core of his upcoming feature film "CryptoPunks Origins".

Jeff Schirmer

-Director of Photography

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A 3-decade veteran of Film & TV Production, Jeff Schirmer's vast experience includes Feature Films, Reality TV, Music Videos, and Commercials.

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Nic Justice

-Director of Photography

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Nic Justice has been shooting films professionally for nearly 15 years.
After bouncing back and forth between NYC and LA, Nic landed in Philadelphia where he creates documentary style work for clients who are doing good in the world, winning national and local awards along the way.
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