Raster Eyes

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Legendary CryptoPunks Discord Moderator and Punk Collector, official member of the ArtBlocks Curation Board, and owner of CryptoPunk 2249 - the only true Zombie Pirate Punk in the entire collection. If anyone knows where most of the bodies are buried, it just might be RasterEyes...


Sean Bonner

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Artist, Author, Activist, and self-titled “misanthropologist,” Sean Bonner is also a huge CryptoPunks nerd who has spoken and written extensively about Punks. His writings cover topics such as Punks and IP Rights , Burning Punks , and the ever-controversial v1 Punks .




Punk Collector, DeFi Maven, Smart-Contract Builder/Developer, and $CIG chain-smoker, the infamous Tycoon remains one of the most enigmatic Punks around.
Tycoon first caught my eye with his super-interesting CIG-Token project, and has since provided me with a ton of Solidity and Smart-Contract development advice for my own Web3 development endeavors.

'AGENTS & PROVOCATEURS' are people I met in the space (Virtual or IRL) who I thought could make a contribution to the film for one of the following reasons:

  1. They have a great amount of knowledge about the Punk collecting community (which has really ballooned over the last 2-3 years)
  2. They're super-nerdy about Punks, keeping track of all sorts of interesting data-points about them, know weird trivia and facts about them, and worst/best yet, they're constantly seeking to acquire even more of this sort of fun/weird knowledge.
  3. They're super-stoked about what I've been doing in terms of documenting the CryptoPunks' evolution since the early days, understand the importance and long-term impact a film of this nature could have when seen globally, and have demonstrated a strong desire and willingness to help me with my film.
  4. Some of their opinions about Punks are diametrically opposed to mine 😎

I've been immersed in the NFT Space as a whole since 2017, and when it comes to CryptoPunks in particular, have had an incredibly privileged first-hand insight into the project ever since I interviewed their creators, Matt Hall & John Watkinson, back in March of 2018.

While the crazy access I've had put me in an incredibly unique if also somewhat odd place (there really is such a thing as "knowing too much, too soon", and it's important to note that to date no one has yet to see the 2018 interview, which still contains some seriously cool Alpha in it) - what's become obvious is that a whole new group of collectors has entered the Punk-universe (particularly in late 2020 and throughout 2021,) some of whom have totally new and quite unique perspectives and insights into the project which should also be featured. And while I haven't always agreed with theses new collectors' takes (I actually found myself disagreeing with some of them more often than not,) I always thought it was really interesting to see just how much opinions and feelings about Punks can vary. And I still think there's absolutely value, merit, and importance in listening to these different perspectives and takes now. Certainly, different opinions almost always stimulate great conversation - and whenever people are talking, well there's just tons of value in that. Just as importantly, opposing views always seem to inspire tons of new creative ideas in me - many of whom ended up manifesting themselves in NFT projects, so that's something I've always been very happy about.

In addition to all that, with 100's of new individuals entering the Punk-collecting family, tons of new relationships and narratives have been and continue to be formed. Some online, some IRL, some in both, all of whom translated into 100's of new stories: partnerships that have been formed, projects that have been launched, travel trips or parties that were thrown - it quickly became impossible for me to keep track of them all.

It's for all these reasons then that I decided to bring on a number of "Advisors" to the project. I wanted to hear their new perspectives, learn about interesting new community members they may have met, as well as the projects some of them launched - all in order to continue to expand my knowledge about Punks.

So whether you want to call them “Agents & Provocateurs" or "Advisors" (I'm also quite fond of "Punk Whisperers"), these are some of the community members I've enlisted to bring in the nerdy data-points, share community members' doings, and generally help to keep me in the know about goings-on in the Punkverse.