The Museum of Crypto Art

Presenting: The Interactive CryptoPunks Museum

An interactive visual historical tour of the Cryptopunks project through iconic and landmark moments.
(Beta/Work-in-Progress; Collaborators welcomed!)

Station3 - NYC's Web3 Hub


Located in the heart of the Financial District, Station3 is a beautiful and collaborative workspace environment supporting builders and artists in the Web3 ecosystem.

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Unofficial Punks was created by award-winning artist and cryptoart pioneer, Eric P. Rhodes. The first 100 launched in February 2021 as an homage to the CryptoPunks and grew into an organic social movement known as the alt-punks. The project is responsible for popularizing PFP project remixes and derivatives.

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GMI Studio

GMI Studio - PIPE

Purveyors of Fine CryptoPunks sculptures.

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The CIG Token


-Official Token of the CEO of CryptoPunks-

Created by Tycoon, owner of the legendary Zombeanie CryptoPunk, the $CIG project cleverly interweaves principles of economist Arnold Carl Harberger's Harberger Tax, De-Fi mechanics (including a $CIG/ETH SushiSwap Liquidity Pool,) and some good old fashion FUN driven by bragging rights for being CEO of the CryptoPunks.

It all starts with a free airdrop of 100,000 $CIG Tokens for each and every Punk you own.

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